Proverbs 11:25

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and the one who 
waters will himself be watered. 
Proverbs 11:25
Amidst the pain, loss, fear and chaos of our new enemy the coronavirus, we all have become aware of a number of acts of generosity and kindness displayed in our community. Teachers gathering to do parades, stores providing shopping opportunities for senior citizens, drive-by birthday serenades performed for children, and generous gifts and resources being shared. It’s heartwarming and hopeful and right.
Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised by these acts of love, kindness and generosity. God, the giver of all good things has made us in His image. He is first and foremost a giver and He knows firsthand the joy of freely offering all His blessings, and even His own son to all.
This verse reminds us of the blessing of being a blessing. When we find and then give the perfect Christmas present for someone special, it results in a lightness of heart and joy for the giver that is unique. It’s not Christmas now, and it certainly isn’t a typical spring. How can we, in this time, reflect God, when many of us are struggling with our new normal. It’s just not normal for anyone. Some of us are struggling with an abundance of time, and not enough people in our lives, while some of us with less time, and an over-abundance of family in our home. How do we bless and ‘water’ others right now, today?
Perhaps you can think of a person that has made a significant difference in your life, either in childhood or more recently as an adult. Write a letter and bring that person a blessing. This season of more togetherness with immediate family can also make for some interesting, and sometimes challenging moments. Write a note to your spouse listing five things you appreciate about their character, their person. Hide some notes around the house for your kids. Perhaps ‘watering’ might be more what we don’t say, holding in a thought that might not be helpful. We can give a blessing when things are relationally tense by remaining calm and quiet, and asking God for His help in these moments.
Who can you ‘water’ today? Is it watering with quietness and patience? Perhaps it’s a letter or a short note or a phone call. Maybe it’s time with someone in your home who needs extra love. Today, look for opportunities to give a blessing.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development