Genesis 3:1-7

Read Genesis 3:1-7
My clearest memory as a ‘daughter of Eve’ occurred late on a Sunday evening. Dropping a letter at the post office close to our home, we noticed the streets were empty, but we were surprised that the drive-up lane was only available from the opposite direction. A large, white, ONE WAY sign came into view. I motioned to John to proceed the wrong way down the one-way street.  His hesitation agitated me and finally I spoke in a loud demanding tone, almost shouting, ‘JUST DO IT’! He did, and red lights appeared immediately. ‘I am just like Eve,’ was my very first thought. Moving into emergency prayer mode, I nervously peered at John as he chatted with the policeman who only gave him a warning. It was a very quiet ride home.
For Eve, it was a simple question from the enemy, the serpent, that began her downward spiral into sin. At the end of their brief conversation, she had tasted of the forbidden fruit, offered it to her husband, sin entered, and they both hid from the loving, life-giving God they knew. How could this happen? A close look at the passage provides insight.
We notice the intentionality and shrewdness on the part of the serpent as he begins the conversation with a question. His casual opener suggested that perhaps God did not actually forbid Adam and Eve from tasting from the tree in the garden. By gently questioning God’s instructions, he placed a tiny morsel of doubt in Eve’s mind. His strategy included a blatant accusation of God’s character. Claiming that God was not completely loving, the serpent inferred that perhaps God was even withholding good from them. In verse 4, the enemy proclaims God a liar, ‘You surely won’t die’, and he then accuses God of being unwilling to share His wisdom.
Eve, caught off guard in this first encounter with the serpent, engages too long with the enemy’s multiple lies. She focused on the forbidden fruit, not only did it look delicious, she also found it beautiful. Verse 6 mentions Eve also embraced the idea that the fruit might make her wise, that perhaps she would become more like God. We watch Eve move from listening to lies, to coveting, taking, giving the fruit to Adam and then hiding from God.
Eve’s journey into sin is not lost on us. Listening too long to lies, searching for what we think might satisfy, being more concerned about being right than loving, we engage in sinful thoughts and actions. We’re well acquainted with covetousness and discontentment, and even on our best days our hearts can long for what we think we lack, even as we sit in abundance. We find ourselves, perhaps multiple times a day, pondering the thought: ‘what would please me right now?’ Sin calls us to make life all about us, and to live like kings and queens in our tiny kingdoms of one. Conversely we see Jesus, always submissive and dependent on His father, asking, ‘what would please my Father right now?’
Sin makes everything about us. But God doesn’t leave us there. Jesus shows us the better way, how to make more of God as the Holy Spirit gives us insight to know truth from lies. For today, let’s find ourselves asking, ‘what would please my Father, now’?
Linda Miller | Ministry Development 

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