Joshua 2

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What do a murderer, an adulterer, a thief, an idolater, a polygamist and a prostitute have in common? Not the beginning of a really inappropriate joke…..They all are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1, they were all ancestors of Jesus. The names and stories in the genealogy of Jesus always amaze me at the grace of God in the lives of people.
Today I want to key in on one of those individuals, a prostitute named Rahab.
The stigma that prostitutes carry has not really changed from culture to culture. Just as in every redemptive story in Scripture, no one is too far from God. I know as a culture we like to “rank” sins. We like to stack ourselves up against others and measure ourselves by some ranking system that we made up that always seems to make us look pretty good. But all of us are far from God.
Think about Rahab here, her confession wasn’t perfect, but she admitted that God is the God of the heavens above and earth below, and she acted on what she believed. Her trust in God led her to go against her own people, her own family, her own culture and trust the God of the heavens and earth. She saw God’s plan was unfolding. She adjusted her goals and dreams and fit them into what God was doing in the world at that time. Did she do it perfectly? She lied to the people to protect the spies, is that right or wrong? That is a whole other sermon on ethics, but either way she is commended in Hebrews 11 for protecting the spies.
We too fail to act out what we believe. We may criticize someone behind their back. And when this happens we are diminishing a friend’s worth as an image bearer of God. We are believing that we are more important than another. Going into self-protection mode, we believe everything revolves around us.
But, Rahab took her whole world, her dreams, and her hopes and put them in the hands of God. God honored her and placed her in the line of Jesus and also in the list of heroes of the faith. We are still telling the story of how this sinner and saint realized who God was, and because of her trust in God, took every aspect of her life and lined it up with God’s mission. We can ask ourselves: what dream, hope, or mission am I holding onto may not align with the mission of God in this world? This could relate to our employment, our resources, our recreation or also our relationships. We can trust Jesus with all of it. Trust God like Rahab for the sake of the glory of her God, the God of the heavens above and the earth below.
David Flug | Community Life Pastor

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