Philippians Review of Chapters 1 & 2

Thanks for following along as we’ve walked through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. When I finish a book study, I am often surprised how difficult it is for me to remember the essence of the book, even a few weeks later. So, to help us cement in our minds the major themes/ideas of Philippians, let’s do a quick review via a quiz. Remember there are no grades, no cash prizes, no cruises and no cars to give away today…just a way to review this great book! Try to complete the questions without using your Bible. Okay- let’s go!

  1.  Paul wrote the book while he was:
    1. In Corinth planting a church
    2. Sailing between Ephesus and Rome
    3. In prison in Rome
    4. Living in Jerusalem
  2. Paul’s companion during the writing was:
    1. Timothy
    2. Silas
    3. Clement
    4. Archippus
  3. In chapter 1, Paul was experiencing an internal conflict because:
    1. He was frustrated with Timothy
    2. He was unsure if it was better for him to be with Christ or stay on the earth for ministry
    3. He wanted to travel to Corinth
    4. His persecution in Rome was more than he could bear
  4. In chapter 1, Paul was thankful for:
    1. The prayers of the Philippians for him
    2. The opportunities his imprisonment provided to share the gospel
    3. The Philippian’s participation in the gospel
    4. All of the above
  5. In chapter 1, Paul was sure of this:
    1. That the Philippians would be able to come see him soon.
    2. That his imprisonment has hindered the spread of the gospel
    3. That he would send appoint more elders for the church
    4. That God will continue his good work in the Philippians
  6.  In chapter 2, Paul indicated that his joy would be complete if:
    1. The Philippians stayed united
    2. He could be released from prison
    3. Epaphroditus was healed
    4. The elders would come to Rome
  7. In chapter 2 Paul requests that the Philippians:
    1. Confront those who are preaching a false gospel
    2. Look out for the interests of others
    3. Send funds for Timothy to travel to Rome
    4. Meet less often to reduce persecution
  8. What kind of attitude is Paul asking from the Philippians?
    1. The same as the one of Christ Jesus
    2. One of selflessness
    3. To be like a bond servant
    4. All of the above
  9. What did Paul say would make the Philippians above reproach?
    1. Do all things without grumbling or complaining
    2. Refuse to eat meals with strangers
    3. Read the Bible more often
    4. None of the above
  10. What did Jesus do to demonstrate selflessness?
    1. Did not claim his right to deity
    2. Took the form of a bond servant
    3. Became the likeness of man
    4. All of the above
 Okay, how did you do? Here are the answers:
  1. c           2.  a           3.  b           4.  d          5.  d          6.  a           7.   b         8. d          9.  a          10.  d
Today, focus on Paul’s heart for others and the complete selflessness demonstrated by Jesus.
Let the messages of Philippians work in your heart today.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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