Philippians Review of Chapters 3 & 4

Here’s a final review of chapters 3 and 4 of our Philippians study. See if you can fill in the blanks without opening your Bible. (no peeking)

  1. Even though Paul was formerly an all-star follower of the Jewish religion and culture, God changed his heart. Paul said that he counted all his previous religious activities
    as ________ for the sake of Christ.
  2.  Paul’s right standing with God was on the basis of ___________ in Christ.

  1. Rather than regarding himself as perfect, Paul says he forgets what ________ behind and reaches for what lies ____________.
  1. Paul states that our citizenship is in _______________.
  1. ‘Rejoice in the ________ always, again I will say ______________.’
  1. Instead of being anxious, Paul encourages the Philippians in everything to pray with thanksgiving and let their requests be made known to ______________.
  1. What did Paul promise would guard their hearts? The ___________ of God.
  1. He emphasized the need to let our _____________ dwell on what was right, true, honorable, pure, lovely, excellent and worthy of praise.
  1. Paul stated that he had learned to be _______________ in whatever circumstances he found himself in.
  1. Paul said he could do all things because God ______________ him.
 This one was a little more difficult. Here are the answers:
  1. Loss
  2. Faith
  3. Lies, ahead
  4. Heaven
  5. Lord, rejoice
  6. God
  7. Peace
  8. Mind
  9. Content
  10. Strengthened

Today, think about what’s ahead, not things of the past and move forward depending on the strength of Jesus. Look to God for peace, no matter the challenges, struggles and hardships you are facing in life. Join us on Monday as we dive into I Peter, written to encourage believers to live a Jesus-centered life the midst of uncertain and challenging times.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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