1 Peter 2:1-10

Read 1 Peter 2:1-10
‘You can drive them more than once.’ Those were the words of my grandfather that rang in my ears every time we worked on a project together. He would spend time tooling bent nails back to straight to be used again. He saved everything, but he wasn’t a ‘hoarder’. His garage was the cleanest and most organized place I’ve ever seen. It would have made Marie Kondo (the famous professional organizer) look sloppy. His cars were immaculate, you could have eaten off his dashboard. He just wasn’t a wasteful person, it was the kind of the generation he grew up in, nothing was wasted. Lumber, nails and other building materials that most people would reject and throw away, he would turn into something beautiful or use it for a shelf or a shed.

Grandpa’s words kind of remind me of our passage; the stone no one wanted, the one that everyone rejected, became the cornerstone. The cornerstone is the one that every other stone in the wall is matched up with - it’s the most important stone. Peter is encouraging his readers by likening these stones to Jesus, the stone that was rejected that has now become the most important stone in history. Like Jesus, his readers had been rejected, cast out of their homes and culture, and driven out into the Empire to live somewhere that wasn’t their own. Peter is encouraging them that they, like their Savior, are like living stones being built into a spiritual house in order to give God the most amount of glory. And Jesus, the cornerstone, makes all the other stones stand out, it gives them purpose and a mission to make the house beautiful.

And that is our mission, we are those precious stones. We aren’t precious because of what we have done, but because of what Christ has done for us, Christ gives us our value and worth. We understand our worth comes from Jesus, but for those that don’t believe, Peter says the stone (Jesus, or the Gospel) is just something that will make them stumble and fall. Without Christ, we tend to find our worth and value in things that aren’t eternal, things that wither and fade. Our accomplishments, relationships, vocation, or a whole host of other things just don’t last. While all of those things can be good, they don’t ultimately fulfill us, they don’t ultimately motivate us, and they don’t ultimately give us our worth. But Jesus does.

If we believe the Gospel, we are a chosen people, God’s special possession, created to give him the most amount of glory and you the most amount of joy. Jesus, the stone that the world would have just thrown out, God used as the cornerstone of the church.

Questions for reflection:

1. When have you felt rejected?
2. What are the things you tend to find your worth in?
3. How does the Gospel motivate us to glorify God?
David Flug | Community Life Pastor

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