1 Peter Review

Once again we have traveled through a book of the New Testament. You may have noticed that this book includes three significant themes, each as relevant to us now as they were to Peter’s first readers. Use this guide to review I Peter.

Theme #1  HAVE HOPE
We have hope because of the death and resurrection of _________________.  1:3
Because we have this hope, we need not be afraid because our Judge is ____________________.  1:17
We are a __________ ________________ ,___________ _____________, ____________ ____________, and a _______________ _______________ so that we may proclaim Him.  2:9
We are to be ________________ to the governing authorities.  2:13
Wives are to focus on _____________ beauty as opposed to external only and to have respectful attitudes toward their husbands.  3:3
Because of Christ’s example, we are to show love to our ____________, by not repaying _________ for ____________.  We should seek to ____________ them instead.  3:9
Be humble toward _______ and cast all your ____________ on Him.  5:6

Peter warns the believers that they may ________________ for the sake of righteousness.  4:12-13
Christ is our example in suffering as he died for _________ once and for all, that he might bring us to God.  3:18
Suffering is a sign that you belong to ____________.  4:14

Tomorrow we’ll begin a series exploring some of the many things God has told us about himself in the Bible. Our next devotional series, Who is God? will stretch our minds and our hearts to know God more fully.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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