God Is Infinite

Read Psalm 90:1-2
I like to drive fast. I’m sorry if I’ve passed you quickly, I’m not angry, I just like to go fast. I am the reason speed limits exist. It’s good that I don’t own a muscle car, because I would bury the speedometer as often as I could. There are limits all over in our world; resources are limited, linear time is limited, skills and knowledge are limited. You can’t know everything or be the best at everything. Property lines define the limits of our personal property and what we can do with it, and even then if you live in a city there are limits on what you can do with personal property.
In fact, in our life there are so many limits it’s hard to grasp the idea of limitlessness. God is limitless, or infinite. God needs no limits; he has no limits, he is not bound by anything other than his own character! He had no beginning; he has no end. Our passage today affirms that God existed before anything else. He is everlasting. In Revelation, John calls him the “alpha and the omega” or the beginning and the end, which reinforces his infinite nature.
This is hard for us to comprehend because we are not infinite. I can tell you when I started to exist, nine months before July 14, 1980. I can tell you the details of my birth from stories my parents told. I was there when each of my children were born into this world. They are not infinite, they had a beginning. That doesn’t mean we aren’t eternal beings. God promises that we will live forever with him if we have trusted in his son Jesus (John 3:16; Romans 6:23). So in some way God allows us to experience immortality which falls categorically under the infinite nature of God.
So what? Why should the infinite nature of God matter to me? How does that change my life? If we continue reading in Psalm 90, we see Moses continually circling back to the idea that our time is limited, our days are numbered, and even the best of days aren’t really that great. Such an encouragement, right? Actually, I think it is meant to be an encouragement. Think about it, our days are numbered and filled with conflict and stress, but we worship the one who gives us true joy and happiness in our struggles, not because they aren’t legitimate struggles, but because God is infinite. He is the only one who can keep his promise to eventually make every bad thing right. He gives us his favor (or grace) that rests on us. We worship the one who has no beginning or end, the infinite, but immensely personal God who loves us, cares for us and ultimately has our best in mind.
Discussion Questions:

1.  What are some limitations you tend to push?
2.  Read through Psalm 90 and underline all the ways we are limited as finite beings. How does
      the Psalmist answer those limitations with the infiniteness of God?
3.  What are ways you have seen the personal nature of God find expression in your life?
David Flug | Community Life Pastor

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