God Is Independent

For just as the Father has life in Himself,
even so He gave to the Son also to have life in Himself.
John 5:26
As we begin this journey exploring the nature of God, it is helpful to remember that God possesses two kinds of attributes. Theologians refer to these as ‘incommunicable’ qualities, possessed by God alone, and ‘communicable’ qualities that both God and men can possess such as love, kindness, and mercy. Today, we’ll reflect on the quality of self-sufficiency, that God is completely independent.
This is basic to the being of God, that he has no need of anything outside himself. He doesn’t depend on anything or anyone for life, and in fact he is life. Being completely independent also means that nothing can add to the glory of God. He gives to all but is enriched by no one and no thing. There are no restrictions on his character, and he is free to do whatever he pleases. God does not need us to be happy or complete and was not motivated to create humanity because he was needy or bored. He lives, speaks, and loves within himself. Certainly, he loves mankind freely and lavishly, but doesn’t need us and has no need even for rest, nourishment, or renewal of power.
It is difficult to thoughtfully consider God’s self-sufficiency without turning inward. We are struck by the radical difference we find as we compare ourselves to God. This incommunicable quality of independence is far from us, as our needs are too numerous to count - the need for life begins the list. Every person requires air to breathe, food to eat, strength for labor, and bodies for movement, and without God’s life and sustenance, we would not only die, but even cease to exist.
But how often we live our lives, for years, days, or hours, without remembering our dependence on God. It’s humbling and healthy for us to meditate on this great chasm between God and ourselves.  We are feeble in comparison, with bodies and minds that decay and hearts that often seem empty.  Sin tricks us to think if we just try harder, work more, or fill our hearts with entertainment or houses or cars or vacations, life will be good. It is grace to us to remember our very life began with God, and that our neediness and utter dependence will never end until we are in his presence, where we will be at rest and completely whole.
Just for today think about God’s amazing attribute of self-sufficiency. Thank him that his love never runs out; he gives life and strength without sacrificing any of his own. Thank him that he is not like us, but worthy of our praise and our lives.
Questions for reflection:

  1.  How often have you thought about the independence of God?
  2.  How can you move to a more conscious dependence on him?
  3. Thank him that although he does not need you, he delights in you.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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