God is Omniscient

Great is our Lord, and abundant in strength; his understanding is infinite.
Psalm 147:5

Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord, or as his counselor has informed him?
With whom did He consult and who gave him understanding? And who taught him in the path of justice and taught him knowledge and informed him of the way of understanding?
Isaiah 40:13-14
Let’s consider a few of the implications of God’s omniscience.
+ God knows every past action. Our eternal God, who had no beginning, sees clearly through time, and history is always before him. He does not forget, nor can he be taught about anything in the past.
+ God knows every present action. He knows what is done publicly and privately. Not only the actions but also the motivation for all actions are known to him.
+ God knows every future action and even those that are planned by men, but do not happen.
+ God knows every human thought. Scientists estimate that approximately 6,000 thoughts pass through the minds of the earth’s 7.8 billion people each day. This means our omniscient God knows all of humankind’s 468,000,000,000 thoughts. He is aware of every single thought, every single day, for every person.

It is good for us to think about and even meditate on the omniscience of God. If perhaps one thought or one action was missed by God at any given time, he would become to us less than God.  Following, serving, and trusting a God who is only partly omniscient would be both foolish and illogical. His complete perfection of knowledge is a stronghold for us, we can trust him as nothing is unknown to him. He cannot be taught by anyone or anything, and he is never surprised. How comforting to think that God knew us completely before we were even born, that he knows every human that has suffered from Covid, that he is intimately acquainted with the hearts of leaders and politicians and their thoughts whether good or evil.
It can also be sobering for us to think about his knowledge of our own hearts. We may be able to cover and hide thoughts and actions from others, but never from God. He is never confused, tricked, or swayed by our attempts to be what we are not. It is grace to us that our omniscient God, who knows all of us, as we truly are, accepts, delights, and even saves us through his son.

Questions for reflection:
  1.  When you listen to news or current events, filter information through the lens of God’s omniscience.
  2.  Which of the four implications of God’s omniscience is most meaningful to you right now?
  3.  Take time now to thank God that he knows all, that his understanding is infinite.
  4.  Memorize Psalm 147:5 for times of struggle, fear, and facing the unknown.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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