Attributes of God Review

Acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God
in heaven above and on the earth below. There is no other.
Deuteronomy 4:39
Moses must have had a great memory. Or at least an excellent memory of God’s faithfulness to the children of Israel. In Deuteronomy 4, he reminds the people how God spoke to them at the mountain near Horeb in the midst of the fire. He reminisced how the Lord rescued Israel from Egypt, out of the ‘iron furnace’, that they might be a people for God’s own possession. Moses even went as far as to remind them of his own sin, preventing him from ever entering the ‘good land’, the land of promise. He reviewed God’s knowability, his jealousy, his compassion, and his love for their forefathers.
This verse in Deuteronomy might be slightly obscure, but it brings to mind significant truths for the believer. Our first step in knowing God is to acknowledge him, to recognize, to be aware of, and to even concede that he is God. Moses then commands the people to ‘take to heart this day’ three things about God.
First, that the Lord God is in heaven. Perhaps you’ve heard children ask, ‘Where is God?’ to which we usually reply, ‘Oh he is in heaven.’ This verse brings to mind God’s omnipresence. But the words continue by reminding us he is also on the earth below.  He is active and working and everywhere in heaven and earth, all at the same time! Even now he is in our hearts, since the arrival of the Holy Spirit.
Thirdly, perhaps the most important piece for our remembrance is given to us in the last four words of the verse, ‘there is no other’. There is no other God who lives in heaven above, and on the earth below, who is knowable, jealous, sovereign, perfect, good, faithful, holy, angry, merciful, patient, timeless, infinite, independent, omniscient, wise, unchanging, glorious, gracious, triune, full of peace and goodness.
Today, acknowledge and think about the Lord God. There is no other.
Questions for reflection:
  1.  What attribute or character quality of God has been especially meaningful to you?
  2.  How can you ‘acknowledge and take to heart’ your God every day?
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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