Welcome December!

Everyday with God
Welcome Christmas! And… NO we are not going to talk about how many shopping days until Christmas. This month is all about Jesus. And not just the baby Jesus that we love to celebrate, but also the man Jesus, who grew up, worked a job, celebrated weddings, attended parties, walked miles to develop relationships, healed the sick and afflicted, taught with grace and truth, and then willing laid down his life.
During the month of December, we’ll be walking through the book of John in the New Testament to observe Jesus closely. Rather than examining a short passage, this month our Everyday with God will lead us to a single chapter of John’s gospel. Don’t panic - google tells us that this will take approximately 5 minutes.
If you have a Bible that you are comfortable writing in, grab some highlighters, colored pencils, or markers and mark what you learn each day. Another option is to simply jot down your findings in a journal/notebook.
Today read John 1:1-18.
In this beginning passage, note everything you learn about Jesus, who he was, why he came, and what he offers.
+ Pray and thank God for his gift of Jesus!
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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