John 1:19-51

Today’s reading is John 1:19-51.
Get out your journal or Bible to mark some observations.
Read verses 19-34.
+ Note/record everything John says about himself.
+ Note/record everything John states about Jesus.
Read verses 35-51.
+ Note/record how it happened that individuals began following Jesus.
Did you notice how John had great clarity of purpose? After he had baptized Jesus, he drew attention from the religious leaders and they became anxious to know if perhaps he was Elijah, a prophet from the Old Testament. Some were even bold enough to ask if John was actually the Christ. John was clear as he quoted words from Isaiah, stating he was sent to ‘make straight the way of the Lord’. John was a forerunner of Jesus, sent to draw attention to Jesus not himself. John was humble and remained completely focused on his mission. In John 3:30, John explained it another way by saying, ‘He (Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease.’
The following verses are a wonderful snapshot of how the gospel spreads. It spreads through families. Brothers telling brothers that yes, they had found the Christ! We also notice friends gathering others to hear and learn from Jesus. It’s notable that God also simply draws people to himself, as in verse 43, where Jesus traveled to Galilee and ‘found’ Philip. Then, we notice that Philip found Nathanael, who began to follow Jesus. We see the gospel growing organically, mainly through people introducing others to the true King. We see here that God’s plan of sharing salvation is primarily through ordinary, regular people who are actively cultivating communities of grace and truth.
Just for today:

+ Think about John 3:30. In what ways/areas could God ‘increase’ in your life?
+ No matter how big or small your sphere of influence is right now, pray that you would be a part of introducing others to Christ.

Make a choice today to stay in community by reaching out to a friend, co-worker or family member.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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