John 2

Today’s reading is John chapter 2.
Open your journal or Bible to mark some observations.
This chapter includes the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine and Jesus’ cleansing of the temple.
These two accounts may be fairly familiar, note the following as you read:
+ In these two narratives, note/record everything piece of information that you have not previously noticed.
I love weddings. They are such joyful occasions, unless they are your own, then they are a mix of stress and joy mixed together! About two hours before my wedding, my dad and I were sitting having coffee and he was joking with me and said, ‘You do have the rings, right?’ I replied ‘Yep, they are right here….’ But they weren’t right there. I had left the rings in my car, in my parents’ driveway, an hour away. It was a minor thing when I look back on it twenty years later, but in the moment it was awful! My mom and dad offered me their rings, but our florist rescued our rings and had them there right before Elizabeth walked down the aisle. The day was saved.
I can relate to the master of the banquet in the wedding story here. Running out of wine seems like a small thing after the fact, but in the moment, guests are waiting, things aren’t going as planned, and it can feel like a nightmare. But Jesus. Think about all the things Jesus could have done here. He could have resisted his mother’s request and sat quietly and watched the banquet master fall apart. He could have over asserted himself on the party as the Son of God, but he didn’t. Instead, he quietly steps in and changed the water into wine. Now, we could read this story and think this is a great story of how Jesus saves the day or how Jesus makes really good wine. You could say the story is about Jesus making all things better and you wouldn’t be wrong. But maybe there’s more.
We learned in John 1:14 that Jesus came to reveal his glory to humankind. It’s no mistake that Jesus’ first miracle stepped outside of the bounds of physics and human experience, as he turned water to wine. I mean, think about that, water and wine are not the same thing. Jesus, as God, accessed his power of creation to change water into wine.  This was done to reveal God’s glory, the incarnate God, who is full of grace and truth, and wants to reveal himself to his creation. And he did it at a wedding, in small town Israel.
God has revealed himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is worthy of glory, He is worthy of our attention, and when we read this story (or any of the Scriptures, really), he is worthy of our awe. How have you seen the glory of God revealed to you in the Scriptures?
Just for today-

+ Look over what you marked regarding the wedding.  Imagine how your perception of Jesus would change if you had witnessed this miracle.

+ Following Jesus’ clearing of the temple, what was the response of many who witnessed his extraordinary powers?
+ Pray that you would respond to Jesus with belief today.
David Flug | Community Life Pastor

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