John 5

Today’s reading is John 5.
Open your journal or Bible to mark some observations.
Review verses 5:1-18.
Highlight the places and the day of the week.
The further into the Gospel of John we read, the further Jesus’ identity and mission are revealed, and his miracles keep getting larger in scale. He started with turning water into wine, and now people are getting healed. Spoiler alert, Jesus' greatest miracle comes in the end of the book when he defeats death!
In John 5 we read about a man who has been paralyzed for 38 years. Jesus tells this man to get up and walk on the Sabbath, and he’s healed! It’s an incredible miracle! Yet if we just see what’s happening on the outside, we miss the bigger picture. There is so much going on in this scenario that is foreshadowing to Jesus’ true mission and the revealing of his true identity as the son of God. In other Gospel accounts we read his mission was to ‘seek and save the lost.’ Jesus wasn’t just talking about a physical saving from enemies, rather a spiritual and inward saving.
Earlier in John we read about Jesus flipping tables upside down in the temple. Jesus was doing this because the Jews had turned the house of God into a commercial business, when it was supposed to be a house of mercy. Ironically, the name of the pool where this healing took place was Bethesda. The meaning of Bethesda is ‘house of mercy.’ This healing shows Jesus’ identity as the son of God, but it also shows his mission. To seek and save the lost. After Jesus healed this man, he spoke the words ‘go and sin no more.’ These words weren’t said so the man would go and live a perfect life, rather that he would live in a response to the mercy he had been shown. This is what Jesus desires of us, to live in response to the mercy we have been shown. Our lives as Christians are not about trying to sin less, though that happens when we follow Jesus. Instead, Jesus simply desires we respond to his mercy. We do sin less and less over time as we follow Jesus, but ultimately, it’s about fixing our eyes on Jesus and the great mercy he has shown us.
Just for today-
            + In what ways have you tried to ‘clean yourself up’ instead of focusing on Jesus?
            + Thank God that his mission remains, ‘to seek and save the lost’.
Jay Quick | Student Ministries Director

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