John 12

Today’s reading is John 12.
Open your journal or Bible to mark some observations:
+ Note/record the word ‘multitudes’.
+ Note what you learn about the Pharisees.
+ Note everything Jesus says about himself.
Have you ever known someone that seemed to be living the perfect life? Newly married in my late 20’s, I was in awe of Jodi. She was a dedicated runner and married to Jeff, a very successful businessman who worked in sales. Jodi was funny, pretty, and had really great clothes. Her three children were equally darling- two girls and a little boy, and her suburban home was a welcoming place for neighbors and friends. Plus, Jodi was just really nice. It all looked amazing.
When I talked to my husband about Jodi’s ‘perfect life’, he spoke wisely and thoughtfully. ‘Linda, no one has a perfect life. I suggest that you get to know from her and stop assuming what you don’t really know.’  I did.

Jodi was lovely, she did have a beautiful house and her husband traveled Monday- Friday for work. She was often overwhelmed as she parented her three young kids alone during the week. She sometimes struggled with depression. One of her siblings had committed suicide and her parents had not ever recovered from the loss. I learned that my assumptions were not all accurate. She was not living a perfect life. Jodi was like the rest of us as she carried both joy and sorrow in her thirty-something life.
In our reading in John thus far, we’ve seen a variety of assumptions people held about Jesus. He was thought of as a deranged mad man, as a resurrected prophet, and some thought of him as a magician. He was the talk of the town. Engaging, strong, compassionate, passionate, unpredictable, occasionally angry and even daring to claim to be God, Jesus was a mystery to many. But we see that his followers began to understand his true identity, and even some of the rulers were believing in him.
This is grace to us, that God called the apostle John to write a book that clearly delineates the person of Jesus, his life, his work and his purpose. It is grace to us that we do not need to make assumptions about the life and mission of Jesus. He too carried joy and sorrow, sorrow all the way to the cross, for us.
Just for today-

            + Review the items you marked that Jesus stated about himself.
            + Consider the concept of carrying both joy and sorrow.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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