The Wise & Foolish Builders

Matthew 7:24-27
‘There’s a better way to do that.’ Ever had someone tell you that? I love to work on my house. I have remodeled a home in the past and finished a basement. I am not a contractor, carpenter, mason, plumber, or electrician. I am the son of an electrician, but I could do no more electrical work than a son of a surgeon could remove a gallbladder. While I am not an expert, I’ve done enough and been around my dad enough to know what to do and what not to do. When I was framing my basement, I had to rebuild a wall 2-3 times because it wouldn’t fit in the space I had allotted for it. My dad came over and he slapped it up in a few minutes and sarcastically reminded me that in construction, we use tools called levels and tape measures to get the job done. Every trade relies on standards for an excellent result.
Jesus understood this principle when he was teaching in Matthew 7. The standard here is a firm foundation. How important is a firm foundation? How much do you want to spend to rebuild a structure? I don’t like beaches, but when I am there I enjoy standing right where the water laps up on your ankles. It doesn’t take long for the sand under your feet to start washing away and you begin to sink a little bit, but the water can’t wash away rock. This is the picture Jesus is using. Jesus has a better way of building our lives. We can build our lives on the sand of what we think is right or even what our culture tells us is right, or we can build our lives on the rock of Jesus, our Creator.
Look back on what Jesus said in Matthew 7.
First, Jesus starts by mentioning grace. He is saying we should give the same amount of grace to someone that you would want if you were in that situation. Secondly, he talks about going to the Father with your requests because the Father is the best giver, and he knows what’s best. Lastly, he encourages us to watch out for those who distract us from pursuing God because pursuing God is what’s best for us. These are all better ways to live.
God knows what’s best for us. His ways are infinitely better. We can choose to build our house on the sand, but if we build our house on the rock of the Word of God, our house is safe. This doesn’t mean that the storms aren’t bad, but it means that what we have built in good weather will stand in bad weather.
Questions to consider:
- Are there ways you have chosen to build your house on the sand?
- How can we encourage each other to build our lives on Jesus?
David Flug | Community Life Pastor

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