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‘It takes pride to be anxious.
I am not wise enough to know how my life should go.’
Tim Keller
What? Is Tim Keller really saying that I am proud when I am anxious? I wasn’t sure about this. I began to examine this idea, rolled it over and over in my mind, and then compared it to words I’ve read in the Bible. I can recall Jesus’ clear command against worry in Matthew 6, Paul’s directive to be anxious for absolutely nothing in Philippians 4, and Peter encouraging his friends to ‘cast their cares upon God’ in the book of I Peter.

But, really, does it take pride to be anxious? I am skeptical.
I am unconvinced until I revisit the second sentence, read it slowly, and it changes my heart. Oh, that is it, of course! No doubt that we lack the knowledge to know how our lives should go, and I conclude that when I fret, worry, and stay awake for hours planning for worst case scenarios, I am proud. Proud. I am foolishly thinking that I can chart my own course, and often I am even crazy enough to think I can control life’s trajectory of those I love so much. It’s an ‘exercise in futility’ my husband tells me. And he is right.
So, when worry comes knocking, I’ll remember that it takes pride to be anxious.
I’ll remind myself that God is wise, and he alone knows how my life should go.
I will rest and surrender everything and everyone to him.
And then ten minutes later, I’ll do it again.

Just for today-

+ What thoughts cause you to be most anxious?
+ Have you previously considered the connection between worry and pride?
+ Think about some ways your life has not gone as you would have planned. Thank God for these.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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