The Parable of the Prodigal Son

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The Parable of the Prodigal Son
Luke 11:15:11-32
At first glance, this familiar parable seems obvious. A wayward son demands the inheritance due him, leaves his father’s home, lives out of his passions, and eventually finds himself bankrupt in every way. He finds himself morally, physically and spiritually empty. Eventually coming to his senses, the young man returns to his father who unreservedly welcomes him with open arms, puts a ring on his finger and throws a banquet to celebrate his return.
But there’s more. Some might even title this parable: The Prodigal Sons. What about the other son. He is easy to disregard because at first glance it appears that he was living a life full of loyalty and service. He remained on the homestead and diligently labored with his father, but with anger and resentment ruling his heart.
We find both of these sons using their father for their own self-serving ends rather than enjoying, loving and serving him from devotion. One was a ‘in your face’ ruler-breaker, while the other obeyed only for selfish gain. We too rebel against God by keeping all the rules with a motivation of personal gain, or by ignoring all the rules and disregarding God’s heart.
And then the father. We can imagine him peering out multiple times a day, searching for a tiny speck on the horizon that just might turn into the son that he longed for. He no doubt was hopeful for his son’s return, and when the son finally returned, humble and broken, the father embraced his newly found boy without hesitation.
God is always after our hearts. Whether we are obeying for all the wrong reasons, or making choices that blatantly disregard our Father, he is waiting for us with open arms, and someday later on, we too will enjoy a glorious banquet celebration.
Just for today-
+ Do you relate more to the sin of the prodigal son, overtly disregarding God’s commands, or the older son who obeyed on the outside but whose heart was far away?
+ How can you be more aware of your own rebellious heart?
+ Ask God for a heart like the son’s father, and thank him that even now Jesus welcomes us home after seasons of outward or inward disobedience.
Linda Miller | Ministry Development

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