God is in Control

Everyday with God

Read 1 Peter 1:13-25
If we had the impression we were in control of our lives, 2020 must certainly cured us of that thought. In reality, our lives are really a total mystery to us.  We really don't have a clue what is around the corner, much less what the next decade will present. But even though uncertainty is our constant companion, we need not panic. Our lives are constantly under the careful watch, perfect wisdom, ultimate power and sovereignty of God.
'Since God is the Author of every detail of your story, since he writes into your story every situation, location and relationship, then he knows exactly what you're facing and precisely what grace you need to face it in the way he has planned. You could say it this way: his sovereign control is the guarantee that you will have everything that he has promised you. His sovereign control means he knows what you need because he has planned for you everything that you are now facing. But more needs to be said. His sovereignty is your surety because he can guarantee the delivery of his promises only in the location where he rules. Because he rules over all things at all times (since he wrote the story that includes it all), he can guarantee that you and I will have what he has promised us in the places and at the times they are needed.'*
God is not far away. The scriptures remind us that God is involved with all possible details of our lives. Nothing is missed, forgotten or lost on him. Pastor John Piper states, 'God is at work in your life in 10,000 ways that you cannot see and do not know.' This is grace to us.
Questions for reflection-
+ How has your experience with God been affected by the craziness of 2020?
+ Thank God now that he is in all of the details of your life.
*New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp.                                                        
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ISBN: 978-1-1-4335-4138-4
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