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Read Psalm 40
Let's take a moment to think about hope. We all speak in the language of hope: I hope my trip goes well, I hope God answers prayer, I hope this sickness isn't something very serious...We all hope in something but what matters is what holds our hope. Here are five thoughts about hope:
'You hope in something. From the little momentary hope of the young child for food or a toy to the profound hope of the young adult for meaning and purpose, we all hope. We all place our hope in someone or something. What are you placing your hope in right now?
Hope is a lifestyle. Your hope shapes the way you live. Your hope causes you to make the decisions that you make. A lack of hope causes you to feel stuck and de-motivated. Confident hope makes you decisive and courageous. Wobbly hope makes you timid and indecisive. You always live your hope in some way.
Most of our hope disappoints us. We all do it. We place our hope in things this fallen world that simply can't deliver. Your spouse can't make you happy. Your job won't make you content. Your possessions can't satisfy your hearts. Your physical health won't give you inner peace. When our hope disappoints us, it is a sign that we've put our hope in the wrong things.
There are only two places to look for hope. The theology of hope is quite simple. You rest the hope of your life in the hands of the Creator or you look to the creation for hope.
Hope in God is sure hope. When you hope in the Lord, you not only hope in the One who created and controls the universe, but also in One who is glorious in grace and abounding in love. Now, that's hope that is well placed and will never disappoint.'*
Questions for reflection:

+ Consider where you have been placing your hope in relationship to a struggle you are experiencing.
+ When trouble comes, remember that there are only two choices to place your hope;  either in the Creator or the creation.
*New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp.                                                        
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ISBN: 978-1-1-4335-4138-4

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