God Knows

Everyday with God

Read Isaiah 40
'It's really amazing how much I don't know:
            I don't know how children from the very same gene pool can be so different.
            I don't know how bees could ever fly.
            I don't know why I do all the things I do.
            I don't know what tomorrow will bring.
            I don't know how my life will be.
            I don't know why I wake up happy on some days and morose on others.
            I don't really understand what makes rain.
            I often don't understand the plan and purpose of God.
            I don't know why God brings certain things into my life.
This is just a brief, spontaneous list of some of the things I don't know. If I were to take the time, I could fill hundreds of pages with lists of things I don't know, and there would still be myriad things not on the pages simply because I don't know that I don't know them. In light of this, it is stunning to know that God knows absolutely everything. Yes, you read it right- everything. His knowledge is unsearchable. His grasp on what is has no beginning and no end. He is never confused. He never has to live with misunderstanding. There is nothing that ever surprises him or leaves him perplexed. He never has trouble reconciling one truth with another. He never has to admit that what he thought was wrong. No one ever showed him the path of understanding or taught him knowledge. So run from any thought that you are smarter. Consume his wisdom and be thankful for the grace that rescues you from your own foolishness and connects you to One who defines what is wise.'*
Questions for reflection:
+ List 5 additional things that you 'do not know'.
+ Ask God to reveal to you an area where your wisdom, not his, is directing your life.
*New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp.                                                        
365 devotional readings with a compelling gospel-centered thought, followed by an extended meditation for the day. Focused less on behavior modification and more on helping people encounter the living God, this resource equips readers with the good news that they need to trust in God’s goodness, rely on his grace, and live for his glory—day in and day out.
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ISBN: 978-1-1-4335-4138-4
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