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'For many of us, certain recurring struggles pose a special challenge for us and glorifying God. It may be a tough work environment where there are temptations or joining a crowd of complaining and negative employees. It could be the hassle of a long daily commute to work or you're competing with other drivers for the fast lane.
Perhaps it's a difficult home situation because of an unsupportive spouse or children resisting to parental authority. Life is a hassle for most people today. That means abundant opportunities to glorify God in how we treat others and how we respond to their treatment of us. I suggest that in an active dependence on God you think through your day and ask God for his direction and enablement in each anticipated activity. And if you have a recurring routine where you face the temptation not to glorify God in your behavior, remember that although we are responsible to glorify God in all we do, we are dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit to work in us and enable us.*
Thank you God for all my prayers you have answered. Heavenly Father, as I grow by your grace and power, and living with dependence on you, let my life bring you glory!
My soul will boast in the Lord. Psalm 34:2
I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name forever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name forever and ever.  Psalm 145:1-2
*I Give You Glory, O God by Jerry Bridges.
In I Give You Glory, O God, Bridges offers you the best reasons and the best words for bringing honor to your awesome, incomparable God.
In his third powerful volume of the Private Worship Trilogy, this beloved author gives you the encouragement, motivation, and specific guidance you seek for your private, individual worship of God. As a result, you can better see and understand what it really means to glorify God. To fear God. To live as his child. To follow his wisdom day by day. And you can begin to experience the blessings God promises as you truly live for him.
Available on Amazon: ISBN 1578566290
Linda Miller|Ministry Development

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