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Only By Depending On Christ
'Depending on Christ is more than having good conduct or impeccable character. We all know unbelievers who are morally decent, upright, and generous. Sometimes they put us Christians to shame with their superior behavior. Obviously, though, they do not glorify God. If anything, they may, even unintentionally, glorify themselves or their reputation. Others praise them for being gracious or generous or kind. Believers should also desire to be known as gracious, generous, and kind, but we should want the praise or glory directed to God and not to us.
God is not glorified by self-generated righteousness or human willpower. He is glorified only when we make it our aim both to glorify him and to depend on Christ through His Spirit to enable us to do so. It is God who must bless our intentions in our efforts to glorify him, and he blesses us when we rely on Christ, not ourselves.
Our problem is that too often we desire, very suddenly, and perhaps even unconsciously to share in God's glory. We all want to look good to others, and we all enjoy being commended for our Christian character and good behavior.
What should we do then when we are commended? Certainly, we should not respond with self-disparaging remarks such as: 'oh it wasn't me it was the Lord'. Such a statement only draws attention to us. Rather we should say simply say thank you to the other person and in our hearts say thank you to God. God, who knows our hearts and sees our desires to glorify him, will then use our efforts as He sees fit.'*
Lord in full dependence on you, I acknowledge my tendency to take credit for what you have done in or through me. Please use your Spirit to remind me that all that I do, all talents, gifts, strengths or kindness comes from you.
You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing. Psalm 16:2
Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Not to me, O lord, not to me, but to your name be the glory.  Psalm 115:1
In full dependence on You, Lord God, I worship you as my all in all. I Corinthians 15:28
*I Give You Glory, O God by Jerry Bridges.
In I Give You Glory, O God, Bridges offers you the best reasons and the best words for bringing honor to your awesome, incomparable God.
In his third powerful volume of the Private Worship Trilogy, this beloved author gives you the encouragement, motivation, and specific guidance you seek for your private, individual worship of God. As a result, you can better see and understand what it really means to glorify God. To fear God. To live as his child. To follow his wisdom day by day. And you can begin to experience the blessings God promises as you truly live for him.
Available on Amazon: ISBN 1578566290
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