Matthew 4:19

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 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”
Matthew 4:19
When I was 10 years old I took my first fishing trip to Canada with my brother and Dad. At the time, I barely knew how to tie my own hook, but I was crazy excited! I’ll never forget the first day we fished. We had just unloaded the van from the long day of traveling, but we were ready to take the boat out and start fishing. Even though I had all the optimism in the world, I didn’t catch a single fish. I didn’t even get a single bite! We learned so much the next few days of fishing, and we ended up catching a lot of fish by the end of the trip. Yet had we not been helped by our friends to learn the lake, there was a good chance we wouldn’t have caught many, if any fish at all. We learned that if we wanted to catch fish, we had to consider things such as the depth of the water, the trolling motor speed, the type of bait we were using, and much more. Needless to say, we would’ve been lost and frustrated if no one had taught us how to properly fish.
In Matthew 4:19, Jesus asks a couple fisherman to follow him, and tells them, “I will send you out to fish for people.” Andrew and Peter immediately drop everything and accept the invitation to follow Jesus. They go on to closely watch Jesus model to them how to catch “fish.” Instead of worrying about the depth of the water, trolling motor speed, and type of bait they would use for fish, their attention is turned to people. They focus on things Jesus taught and modeled like loving your neighbor, withholding judgment, not casting the first stone, turning the other cheek, and living with grace and truth. Though these are all valuable lessons in fishing for people, the most valuable lesson clicked for the disciples after Jesus' resurrection. The lesson was this – Jesus is the “net” in which the disciples would catch people. Jesus was and is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through him. Without Jesus as our “net,” we won’t catch any fish.
There is no other “net” or way that people will find salvation except through Jesus Christ. Let’s look to Jesus today for strength to resemble how Jesus “fished” for people. May we love and live as Jesus did, so that others may see and know Jesus - the only way, truth and life.
Jay Quick | Student Ministries Director 

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