Parents want their kids to know God's big story of love and redemption. NorthPoint Church wants to partner together to teach them those important truths that will change their lives.
Now more than ever, many parents want their kids to know God’s big story of love and redemption. NorthPoint Church is partnering with parents to teach preschoolers through 5th graders these important truths during this time of social distancing. 

Somthing for all ages! 

Sunday School

We're bringing Sunday School back! Beginning August 30, we'll offer nursery-through 5th grade classes during our 9:30 am service only.  For our health and safety procedures click here.

Digital Club 

Be a part of this free online experience each Wednesday night with a video that explains God's love for his children plus fun activities for the whole family. Videos will stream every Wednesday at 6:30pm beginning September 9 on our NorthPointKids Facebook page & YouTube channel. Or join the NorthPoint Kids Digital Club to receive a journal, t-shirt, monthly scripture cards and activities for the month! 

Weekly Lessons 

Children hear how God loves them and invites them to be part of His family through music, videos and activities. Links to these are sent via email each Thursday. They include a Sunday school experience plus discussion and activities for the entire week. Contact us here if your family would like to be included in the email downloads.
Be sure to follow NorthPoint Kids on Facebook and Instagram, too! Post pictures of your family taking part in these events, see what other NorthPoint families are doing and see important updates from the NorthPoint Kids Ministry team!

The Parent Cue App

At NorthPoint we want to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith. The Parent Cue App gives parents ways to connect the Sunday morning main ideas to family life. 

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